There is a bill in the US congress (introduced on March 25th, 1999) you might want to consider supporting. It's called "The Internet Access Charge Prohibition Act of 1999". This is in response to those members of Congress and the phone companies who were seeking to impose access charges to everyone using dialup service to the internet.

If you were to look up the bill*, you'd see that it was referred to the House Committee on Commerce on April 12th. I looked at the committee's ( action pages, but nothing appears to have been done since then (it's probably not on the schedule yet). I also did a search and didn't find anything further on the bill.

The bill was cosponsored by 89 House Representatives, but I don't know enough about how these things work to know what happens next (shoulda payed more attention to that "how a bill goes through" cartoon when I was a kid).

If anyone is interested in shoooting of a fax or phone call (or even email) to their congressional rep (preferably in support of this bill), you can look them up at: Taking the time to make yourself heard can work (I know this from experience).



*To see the bill, go to, and search By Bill Number H.R.1291.IH

For more info go to: "Link to the Bill Summary & Status file", then "All Bill Summary & Status Info (except Bill Text)"