For those of us who develop in ASP, but want the robustness of Linux, Halcyon Software has released a portable Web application compatibility framework for cross-platform deployment.

"Halcyon Software has released an 'Active Server' compatibility framework for Linux that lets developers deploy Active Server Pages (ASP) or JavaServer Pages (JSP) on all leading Java-enabled operating system platforms, Web servers, and application servers."

"Instant ASP (iASP) is an open framework that gives developers true

cross-platform deployment capabilities on leading server and operating system

platforms, including Linux, Apache, Linux, Sun WebServer, Java WebServer,

Netscape Fast Track, Enterprise Server, IBM WebSphere, Lotus Domino, Zeus, WebStar, WebTen, Microsoft IIS, Oracle Application Server, Microsoft Windows NT, IBM OS/2, IBM AS/400, Novell Netware 4.0/5.0, Macintosh, SGI, Compaq/DEC, SCO, and others."

Check out the press release for more info.