2:00pm CST: Things seem to be working normally again, so feel free to post to thelist. Thanks for all the suportive emails as well! - djc

9:00am CST: Coffee. Stil working. I don't know if anyone is actually reading these, but I think its better to keep everyone informed of where we are, rather than to lose power for a week and not say anything. or something. :) - djc

3:00am CST: double yawn. I've tried it all. If you have experience in sendmail 8.9.3, feel free to drop me an email, i'm open to suggestions. If I can't get it on this box tomorrow, we'll put it on another one.nighto - djc

9:45pm CST: Double Ugh. Made some progress, but nothing serious. I've been at this for over 12 hours now and need a break. And a couple drinks. I'm terribly sorry that this has happened, but we *WILL* get it back up. - djc

6:30pm CST: Ugh. This is taking way longer than we thought. We've tracked down the problem to a sendmail upgrade and a new 'security' feature called smrsh that it uses. Needless to say, it hosed up the mailing list software. We've got three sys-admins on it now, hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Theres a small hiccup with the mail server right now, so email isn't getting to thelist. Should be resolved fairly soon. Sorry about the inconvienence! 10:45am CST, things are back up and running. Sorry again about the problems.!