A news.com article is reporting that e-commerce agencies are becoming increasingly picky, with some refusing to consider clients who do not look like they will spend $1m over the next 12 months. Some of the numbers quoted are amazing - firms hiring 30 employees a month, receiving 50-500 serious inquiries and business development calls per week, and turning down anyone who isn't willing to blow $2m on a Web site.

Drew Ianni from Jupiter Communications has warned that if the demand for e-commerce sites drops, and interactive agencies have been too cocky, they might find themselves lacking clients, and needing to dump staff and equipment.

However, it is up to the agencies to choose the 'supermodel' way of "not getting out of bed for less than $10k a day". For many, it is far from economical to run with cheaper projects when, as Cimeron Dunlap from Organic Online suggests, the time required to initiate a project is one to two months.

You can find the news.com article here.