The latest version of FileMaker's top database application, FileMaker Pro 5.0, was announced recently, adding a number of new features.

The base application is priced at US$249 (with US$149 upgrades) and an enhanced version enabling unlimited Web connections, SSL support, load balancing, and more is available for US$999.

Some of the new features are as follows:

and (uh oh!)

Windows hardware requirements are a minimum 486/33, 16MB RAM, CDROM drive and hard drive, with Win9x or WinNT 4 (with Service Pack 3). Macintosh requirements are a minimum Power Macintosh, 16MB RAM, CDROM drive and hard drive, with Mac OS 7.6.1.

Of particular note on the FileMaker Web site is that "Access to web-published databases is limited to 10 IP addresses per 12 hour period". As previously mentioned, to enable unlimited Web connections requires an extra US$750.

You can find more details on the Filemaker site at this URL.