Tips and tricks I cannot recommend, because of legal and moral concerns, but as the question of how to hide metas is asked often:
Dr. WEBSITE: Hiding Meta Tags and Scrub the web tools

Lycos publishes the top 50 Websites from their search requests. The result of top requests and discussion about why they done is more interesting then it may sound. Why for example are so many folks searching for frogs? Such and other interesting logs results and questions are weekly actualized and discussed.

A very good site to get an idea what is hip in the Net at the moment.
Lycos Top 50

Nomen est omen.
Searchwords Top100

Lots about Webpromotion.

Google with Googlescout:

Google, one of the most interessing new sites in the Search engine market left Beta status lately - additionally it has added a new Feature called GoogleScout for relevant searching.

Google's Pressrelease