As if looking for UFOs and cracking the toughest of cryptology keys wasn't enough, another group of scientists want to get in on the action.

Following the runaway success of SETI@Home's search of the skies, the UK's Rutherford Lab is jumping on the distributed computing bandwagon to predict global warming.

Like SETI@Home, Casino 21 uses a screensaver to harness users' computers' downtime to analyse and model centrally captured data.

Given SETI@Home's 1.3m users and 95k years of computer time, RL are hoping for some pretty heavyweight support. Dunno - it doesn't seem as sexy to me...

Here's the BBC story on the RL lab initiative.'s own SETI team is doing just peachy by the way, with over a thousand work units processed in nearly 4 years of computer time. We haven't found anything definite yet, but some people have had some interesting spikes. If you're already doing SETI, you're very welcome to join the team.