It used to be a dream to imagine a multimedia experience, blending sight and sound with touch and smell. And while most of the other senses have been replicated, the last sense was impossible to reconstruct digitally, until now.

Digiscents , founded by Dexster Smith and Joel Lloyd Bellenson, who own Pangeal Systems Inc. and graduated from Stanford University, have made "Smellevision" and digital Scratch 'n Sniff possible.

The technology can be used for Interent sites, email, movies, music, ecommerce, intereactive games and online advertisements.

Now you can smell the burned flesh after launching rockets in Quake- if you like that smell...

The company offers iSmell(TM), a personal smell-synthesizer. It is a device one can attach to their computer, offering a range of smells. ScentStream(TM)-software as driver program for iSmell. Scent Registry(TM), a digital directory of thousands of smells for license. ScentTracks(TM) and "Snortall(TM)" the web browsing.

Interested deveolpers can mail to get an early copy of the program. For interested parties email:

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