AOL has put its weight behind the campaign to remove per-minute telephone charges for Internet access calls in the UK.

AOL's VP of Europe, Claire Gilbert, said "In our view the way forward to Internet and ecommerce growth in the UK is to change the telephone structure.", and European CEO Andreas Schmidt warned that the current system is holding back the growth of ecommerce.

AOL are also supporting the Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications that has been lobbying for the unmetered tariffs since summer 1998, attending a meeting with CUT and the government minister responsible for ecommerce, Patricia Hewitt, yesterday.

AOL is confident that Hewitt will act on the issue. "We have been very pleased with Patricia Hewitt's comments, both publicly and privately. She is demanding innovative pricing for Internet access and seems to very much focus on consumer choice."

"We are hoping it will continue to apply pressure on BT to actually act to make this a reality for consumers now, rather than sometime in the future."

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