About a year ago i had all the will to become a web developer, but i didn't know much about it. i had already started to study the HTML language and the web image formats, but that was it.

Then i met this really kind, enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of people at "this mailing list", and then we started this project that would become evolt.org

We became very tight friends, and experienced the amazing power of distant work in the process of designing a logo, a website, thelist and all the features of our community.

Later, we started inviting people to join us, and it stared to grow.

With this people, i learned lots of stuff about web development, learned what books to get, what tools to use, how to use them, how to nail clients and even how much to charge for my work as a freelance webdev

Now i finally got a stady job in a very nice leading company, and for what i know, i owe great deal of all what has taken me here to my ultra-cool friends on evolt.org