I remember when we were in our infancy. We were tired of being seen as ad impressions, motivated to push outside the box, and full of all kinds of good ideas. I probably consumed more email in that first initial month than any other month since. It was all for a good cause though and I'm so happy to see such positive results from all of our hard work over the past year.

It's been truly amazing what we've managed to become with the help of all of you that visit thesite and are subscribed to thelist. In the year we've been doing this, we've seen impressive growth both on thesite with quality articles and on thelist with some seasoned professionals offereing much needed advice. For those of you who are shy or uneasy about contributing, please get involved. It doesn't matter if it's getting your feet wet by commenting on an article, getting alittle bolder by posting to thelist, or even going all out and submitting an article to thesite. Remember, our results can only be as good as the input we receive.

Once again, thanks everybody for helping us grow over the past year.