here's a bookmarklet that will let you browse the weekly archives of

it will first prompt you for the YYYYMMDD date of the Monday of the week that you want to see -- usually the current week, but you can use it for any other week just as easily

it should work just like this --

onclick="javascript:week=prompt('Enter YYYYMMDD (must be a Monday)','20000117');if(week)location=''+week+'/date.html'">

here's the code --



'Enter YYYYMMDD (must be a Monday)'

, '20000117');


location =


+ 'Week-of-Mon-' + week

+ '/date.html'

if you want to use this bookmarklet, just copy the code out of the following box, paste it into the location field of a new bookmark or favorite, and voila

optionally, you can then move the bookmark/favorite to your personal toolbar or links bar, where it will be most handy


rudy limeback