Investigating about the process of Web Architecture I found this document Integrated

Internet Information Architecture, By Chris Weider. I started reading it

believing it was another approach to Website Architecture, and I found their

proposal marvelous.

... In addition, as more and more communities use the Internet to store their

information and transport their communications, we will need to allow them to

transition gracefully from their current methods to new methods which utilize

the full power of the Net. We cannot require them to rewrite their data to deliver

it over Internet information tools because in many cases they have already developed

tools and protocols analogous to those in use on the Internet.; we must provide

them with an information architecture which allows them to use tools with which

they are comfortable while integrating them into the current information mesh...

Until I bumped into their example, instead of showing a website, it displayed

the backend behind the Internet Servers and Displays. I checked the date: September

1994, my hair fell. I kept on reading, and each paragraph of their methodology

made even more sense for me to implement in Website Architecture, there's even

a paragraph called "Payments, Charging & Accounting"

...As with security, it is neccessary to hide a variety of different schemes

under a common interface. Payments system seem to come under two fairly different

classes, either digital cash based - where a token that has value is passed

around, or cheque based - where an IOU is passed around. The commonality of

these can be expressed with the following functions...

And further on the document is a strange mixture of material extremely valuable

to modern Web Architecture and technical info about how the Internet could best


The question goes to all the modern Web Architects within our community, what

do you think? Is this just a coincidence?