Have you ever said to yourself "this is stupid" while reading long

text on your computer screen? We all know that it's not the best way to read,

but what else can we do?

Today we receieved an invitation to comment and join the efforts of a team

that's trying to solve this problem.

The lexiaProject Public GUI

Initiative is a collaborative Open Content License project to create a better

graphical user interface (GUI) for reading extended texts on a computer screen.

The project uses a new technique, called vertical serial text presentation

(VSTP) in combination with a unique interface widget to accommodate rapid,

hands-free reading.

(The java demo is the most accurate).

It still needs some corrections - they enumerate the bugs in the site - and

there's also a lot of user practice to get used to it.

I wonder how we're going to be able to implement "webbing" the interface, and

sending web content into it, I hope they have some lean kind of anwser.

The invitation is open to coment about it in our site.