Greetings and let me be the first to welcome you to 2.0!

In conjunction with the second anniversary of, we're proud to announce our completely redesigned website. Along with an updated look and feel, we've added - and are in the process of adding - a lot of new features for visitors to improve accessibility, usability, HTML/CSS correctness, and overall sexiness.

We started out our website on the NT platform with Coldfusion 3.0 and MS Access as our database on a single T-1 line two years ago. As you see us today, we're running on a state of the art home grown content management system that runs on Linux, Apache, Coldfusion 4.5, and Oracle 8i to provide our ever increasing audience with the fastest, most reliable, accessible, and standards compliant website devoted to the Web Development industry you'll find anywhere on the Web!

We'll have some commentary during our birthday celebration from members as they reflect and pontificate on the impact a group of Web Developers working for the common interest has had on their personal and professional lives. We'll also have tutorials and how-to's from the volunteers that built 2.0. We'll share problems, techniques, and solutions that we encountered along the way to building 2.0 with you, our fellow Web Developers... stay tuned!

There will be plenty more to come as our 2.0 celebration rolls on, but I'd like to take this initial opportunity to thank all the people that helped make it happen:

Again, welcome to 2.0. We hope you like what you see now, and what you'll come to see in the weeks ahead! Thousands of hours of collective volunteer time has gone into making a better experience for you the Web Developer... We hope you enjoy it!