Another year older, another year... wiser?

We've had an exciting year at evolt, and an exciting year in our industry.

As the dot com explosion starts to crumble in on itself and companies get

ripped apart faster than mice in a pirana tank, evolt remains steadfast on

its course. Despite all the turmoil around us, we've kept true to that which

evolt was based on: a "community for web developers, promoting the mutual

free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences."

Now, that may not sound like much, if we hadn't done anything between last

year and this one we would've stayed the course also, right? But we haven't

been standing still. We have more members on thelist and on the site than

we've ever had before. We've outgrown our old architecture, redesigned the

site, added a variety of new features and are continually getting closer to

a seamless integration between the mailing list (thelist) and the web site.

Not a small task by any means. Sometimes I wonder if .djc and others really

have day jobs.

And what is most important? Not only are people still adding articles and

answering questions, but the level of knowledge and depth of experience in

these responses continues to grow and expand every day. Perhaps I am biased

but I have yet to find a site that is anywhere near as helpful or as giving.

So, again, I say thank you to the evolt community and to all the people who

take the time to answer questions, build new features, or show support for

their peers. You make the internet a better place to work.