Our good friends at Proxima Consulting

seem to have problems deciding what to put on their site. Poor lambs.

They also seem to have had problems with coming up with an effective

user experience.

So, in the best tradition of dumb people everywhere, they stole it. All.

Words, images, layout, sitemap down to a URL level. Everything.

Which would have been fine (in a 'not' sense) except that they stole

it from one of the better UK CED and SI agencies, Oyster

...who found it when one of their staff was doing some research last weekend. The

only changes Proxima had made seems to have been a crude

search and replace on the Oyster name, even claiming that Proxima

had merged with companies who had in fact merged with Oyster.

Since being called on it, Proxima have pulled the entire site beyond

the Flash intro. So skipping the intro means you also skip the entire

site. Nice.

Fortunately, Google has a cached copy. Here are a couple of samples:

Oyster took a copy of the offending site and contacted Proxima, which may explain the Proxima site disappearance. I hear that Oyster aren't going to sue... at the moment

Can you imagine being the person responsible, and the meeting held at Proxima to consider his or her future... Are they selling tickets?