The Avalon project is Apache's Java Server Framework which is separated into six sub projects: Framework,

Excalibur, LogKit, Cornerstone, Phoenix, and Testlet.

Its purpose is to simplify server-side programming

for Java based projects and formalize several

best of breed practices and patterns for server side


About Avalon Framework 4.0

The Avalon Framework formalizes the contracts and

patterns used in the other Avalon projects. It is

derived from modern software engineering techniques

and aims to provide a solid basis on which to build

server products.

In other words, the Avalon Framework provides:

ChangeLog for Avalon Framework 4.0

Downloads for Avalon Framework 4.0 and more information about the Avalon project are available at

href="" target="_new" title="Opens in new window">the Avalon project website.