Having unsuccessfully tried to outlaw pretty much everything (forwarding email, gambling, stuff not suitable for kids (except McDonalds, of course)) online, Australia's Senator Richard Alston has decided that the Australian Labor Party's plan to ensure that every Australian home would have cable Internet access by 2006 is a costly waste of time.

This wouldn't be a problem, except that Richie-boy runs the Oz Department for Communications and Information Technology, which essentially means that it's not going to happen.

Which is a little bit odd as he was a key mover in ensuring that all Australians had equal access to telecommunications in the first place.

Apparently the reason for stamping on the proposal is that Singapore's 98% cable coverage is only used by 2% of the population, and South Korea only uses so much bandwidth because of kids playing games. "There's no role for government in facilitating that roll-out," he said. "My kids don't need any help in that regard."

Nice to see elected officials thinking of the country first, eh?