I recently started a project based on 'Virtual Communities'

. As I was conducting research and benchmarking,

my challenge stuck me -

"How do I build a virtual community based around a specific

geographic area?"

It is easy to see how communities based on a topical interest are

formed. With a deep interest and passion for a

topic of choice, such as politics or hobbies, people quickly

find a 'common interest' and begin to share.

Geographic based communities are of a different nature.

People are less reliant on local community than previous

generations - most government and important services are available

regardless of your locality.

I don't have the strategy yet, but I am sure that online community

services that improve quality of life are key. I'll share

the results of the project in Feb. 2002. In the meantime. here is

a collection of useful virtual community resources;

Community Features

My Communities

Other links