As I sit down and reflect upon another year in the life of,

one word pops in to my head again and again: Wow.

As marks its third birthday today, December 14th, 2001,

we also celebrate a year of change, continued growth, and new

. No longer are we the rebel underdog site devoted to web

developers and the web development trade; we're seen as one of the leading resources for the web development professionals

we aim to serve, and without whom we wouldn't exist. Although we may not be

the new kids on the block anymore, we still hold true to the principles

we've followed since inception - a world community of web developers promoting the mutual

free exchange of ideas, skills, and experiences without commercial

distraction - and we're continually evolving, continually evolting.

So how is still evolving and evolting? Here are some of the highlights from the past


With so many great things happening with, it's difficult to single out the one thing I'm most thankful for this year. The incredible perseverance of this community never fails to astonish me. With every passing day, it seems another resource for web developers either falls along the wayside, gets acquired (and abandoned), or switches its focus to a more "lucrative audience." As the flush cash and race for eyeballs of the late 90's dries up, it is somewhat ironic that a website

like can survive - strike that, flourish - solely off the contributions of its members and without the financial backing that seemed so important just a year ago.

Personally, I think that what continues to accomplish on a daily basis is a tribute to the spirit of the Internet. Thousands of people helping each other out - not for tangible gain, but because they all believe it makes the Internet a better place - says a lot about you, the members of the community. As we celebrate our third birthday, I couldn't be more proud of what has become; nor could I be more excited about the places is going! Thanks to everyone who has made into what it is, and to those who continue to raise the bar on what we can accomplish!

Happy third birthday!!!