Over the past few months, several new features have been added to further enhance evolt.org's strong community. Some features are a direct result of feedback received from the recent evolt.org survey. Also, a new version of the source code has also been compiled and is available from sourceforge.

Author Recognition

Probably the most noticeable changes are the features that have been added to enhance the recognition of evolt.org's authors. On each article page, there is an author-specific block of information which includes:

Also on each article page is the author's bio if it has been supplied (see Upload Your Information for more details), and a list of five other articles written by the author. This information appears at the end of the article.

The author's photo and bio (if supplied) will also appear on his/her user page; see my user page for an example.

Upload your Information

All authors are encouraged to submit their information. Log on to the evolt.org main web site, click on "Edit Account" (under Preferences on the side bar).

Upload a photo if you wish. Note that the image must be in "GIF" or "JPG" format, and must be exactly 180 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain adding a thin, black border to your photo! Check out the creative photos that .jeff and aardvark have used. Have fun creating your photo. Be creative. Express your personality. If you need help, ask your friends on thelist for some graphical advice.

Enter a bio for inclusion in your articles. Promote yourself and/or your business. Help build the evolt.org community!

Even if you haven't published any articles on evolt.org yet, you can still enter your bio and photo for display on your user page.

Other Modifications

Other less noticeable changes include:

Changes to the evolt.org sub-sites



Can I Help?


You can work with other web designers and developers on the evolt.org web site, by joining thesite mailing list. Database folks, pixel wranglers, HTML/CSS monkeys, testers, documentation writers, developers - no matter what your skill set or skill level, you can help out!

You can also help shape the future of evolt.org on theforum mailing list. Dedicated to making evolt.org a better place, discussions on this list include how to make thelist more useful to all members, improvements for the web site, how evolt.org should be structured, etc. Both short-term and long-term plans for evolt.org are discussed.