The latest reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Dun & Bradstreet bring little hope to Web developers in Australia. While end-user adoption of the Internet has increased, and more businesses have access, a large number of business owners appear to have little respect for the internet as a marketing and information tool.

The ABS report, Business Use of Information Technology 2000-2001, outlines increased business usage of the internet for email, searching, banking, and government services. But it also says that around 75% of Australian businesses do not have a site, and have no intentions of having one developed.

For larger companies only (100+ employees), it reports that 80% have a corporate site.

From the D&B poll of executives, around 50% of companies reported having a web site, but more than a third considered websites "not important". This figure has increased from previous polls.

Some further information can be found at Australian IT: Web not a business priority.