The latest Netcraft Web Server Survey, for March 2002, has been released with somewhat inconclusive results. Their survey of over 38 million sites shows Microsoft's IIS stealing ground directly from Apache to pull 10% closer.

Microsoft's gain of 4.89% and Apache's loss of 4.67% are, to some extent, explained by the gradual migration of domain parking facilities by two huge registrars, and Network Solutions. While not all of this migration was to have occured during the survey period, the 2 million domains parked by the registrars account for 5% of Netcraft's surveyed sites. No strong results can be drawn without further information on the number of domains actually migrated during the period. A graph of market share for the top 4 servers shows strong growth by Microsoft since January 2002. Fortunes for Apache, however, have been mixed but include a net decline.

In the .com space, Microsoft has drawn almost level (trailing by only 0.27%), while in the UK and CA namespaces, Apache holds substantial leads (almost 33% and 25% respectively).

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