There's a new "free" Webmail player in town. This is good news for Hotmail and Yahoo users, disgruntled by new Terms of Service and fee-for-service agreements. As long as you own a Mac with OS9 or higher.

As discussed in this article about Yahoo! and this article about Hotmail, many free email providers are switching to fee-based premium services.

Mac Soap Opera As the Apple Turns is reporting that Apple is trying to "out-Hotmail, Hotmail" by setting up its own Web-based email system.

Designed only for iTools users -Apple's version of MSN- the Webmail application is in Beta testing, but open for public use. Anyone with an iTools account can access Apple's Webmail application by visiting

AtAT is reporting such features as checking third-party POP accounts, availability in English and Japanese and a 5 MB mail limit.