It seems that the greater accountability that SMEs demand from their web site is paying off - a survey commissioned by eStore vendor Actinic (Caveat Emptor of course - it's in Actinic's interest to show SME eCommerce being profitable) reports that 72% of SME eCommerce sites are profitable.

SMEs with profitable sites are keen to build on their success (and presumably SMEs without profitable sites are very keen to make changes to get into profit): 61% of sites plan further development, mostly redesign, improvements and expansion.

If you're selling into this market, there are lots of other useful nuggets in there, such as 50% of respondants reported increased sales or market coverage. Of course, if you're a buyer in this market, beware of self-selectivity and that answers are self-reported data - but you'll already know how to lie with statistics (UK Edition).

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