The web application developer will be responsible for integrating database and component tools into Windows and web-based interfaces while providing feedback to the team and creating testing plans.

In this position, the candidate should expect to:


All candidates should meet the following requirements:


Negotiable, based on skill set.

Application Process:

Candidate should submit résumé, citing at least three examples of sample work. Each sample should include a detailed description of the role the candidate had in creating the sample sites. Samples may include system designs, web sites or code snippets.

Please forward your contact information and a résumé to or to:

Algonquin Studios

400 Brisbane Building

403 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14203.

Please do not send a Microsoft Word document or other attachment with your email. If you have your r�sum� in Word or some other word processor, please paste the contents into a plain text email. If your résumé is online, then please include the URL.

Applicants should be familiar with Liandri Central Core, and be comfortable handling a Redeemer in close quarters.

About Algonquin Studios, Inc.

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