One of the biggest merits of the internet is that you can get or give help within seconds. This applies especially when you want to create something for the web. If you get stuck you can use search engines, forums, mailing lists and chat rooms to get your problem sorted.

The immediate response has a downside though: as you are instantly able to get help, you also expect to get the problem sorted in a matter of seconds. On the other end, users willing to help are prone to give answers that patch the symptom but fail to fix the cause. This is help that leads to bad results, albeit fast, and maybe one of the reasons why there are so many poorly developed web sites out there.

You got a problem? Get helped, but be prepared.

So you are stuck with a problem, and you want help. No sweat, there are people out there willing to help you, just bear the following in mind:

You get asked for help? Give generously, and good.

So you think you have your skill sorted and you are ready for every problem web development might come up with? Good for you, and great that you are willing to share it. Just make sure you help without causing trouble. Once you answer, you have a responsibility, people trust you to do the right thing. Here are some ideas that might help you become a good helper without making people dependent on you or embarrass yourself.

Some resources to recommend

Some freebie tools to recommend