The Google Chrome blog has announced today that Chrome has officially turned 1 year old. In the regular world of software development, that might not be too long, but Google is quick to point out what they have done in just 1 year (I left their links intact):

I'm not so sure the items after the first bullet are really accomplishments, but they certainly take pride in them. If you head over to their post, you can follow links to photos and videos of Google Chrome cake.

Other (perhaps more relevant) notes from their blog:

More importantly, we've improved by over 150% on Javascript performance since our initial beta. [...] We've also added some of the most commonly requested features -- including form autofill, side-by-side view, the ability to remove items from the New Tab page, and full screen mode (just hit F11!) -- and even a bit of magic to make the entire web three-dimensional (okay, that was just a joke).

Mashable has a new post about this same story that also discusses the Chrome market share. Mashable points out stats that show Chrome at 2.84% while Internet Explorer retains 66.87% and Firefox holds on to 22.98% of the market. Chrome beats Opera, but not by much. Opera is at 2.04%.

Let's see how that Google/Sony deal helps Chrome out over the next 12 months.