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Founded on the Web in 1998

Memories of Red, Green and Blue

Many have built, given to, taken from and loved Here are some of their memories.

I have lasting memories of the founding group and especially each personality contributing to a united effort. Since that start, I've met up with a number of people from the original group while overseas and still keep loosely in touch with a few. It was a really memorable time when so many of us were learning on the job and helping each other.

Isaac Forman — Triplezero Pty Ltd

I can't believe it's been that long. Some of my best friends in the world are people I've met through I remember watching the giant Stop the War march in London and thinking of how many of you were in it. How welcoming Mike King was when I dropped on his doorstep to stay a few days back in 2005. I remember meeting my lovely goddaughter (Martin and Lucy's daughter!) for the first time and looking into her huge and beautiful eyes. Funnily enough none of it is web related. It's all about the people.

Tara Cleveland

My story is simple. I owe the evolt community more than I could ever repay. A quick search through TheList archives and you can see when I was learning ASP (VBScript) and then PHP. Or when I was trying to write insane SQL queries across multiple databases. And every time I had a need, someone here had the knowledge and was willing to help. Without all the help from this community I don't think I'd have ever become as proficient a developer as I did. Over the years I've met a good number of 'self taught' developers and I learned that many of the pitfalls they fell into I managed to avoid because of TheList.

Jeremy Weiss

For a very long time, I kept my family clothed and housed because of what I learned from y'all. Pretty sure I'd give Aardvark or Martin a kidney if they needed it. Or Elfur. Or Neuro or RonL or half a dozen others who don't come to mind so readily these days. Code? I don't remember what I did when or with whom. People? This list changed my life. Changed. My. Life.

Joel D Canfield — Spinhead Web Design