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New Handicapped Accessible Regulations For All

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Marlene Bruce

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An interpretation of an obscure rule buried in the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 may lead to strict requirements for making Federal web sites handicapped accessible, and has the potential to filter down to privately run web sites. Check out

this article.

"One preview of what the barrier board may publish next month," according to Freedom Forum, "is contained in its own notices, which state that, in addition to conventional html and pdf versions available online, all online information must also be available from the agency via audio text and TTY, as well as 'cassette tape, Braille, large print, or computer disk.'"

A founder of, Marlene (say "Mar-lay-nuh") currently lives in Virginia and is a web and print designer, massage therapist, photographer, artist, burner (person who attends Burning Man), dancer, activist and yogini. In years past Marlene served as's executive director and treasurer, though she's not much involved these days. But she still encourages visitors to give to

Marlene began exploring computer-generated graphics with a purchase of the first Mac 128K in 1984. She's subsequently been involved in print design, illustration, and since 1995, professional web design and development. Her other skills are information architecture, usability testing and site management (the largest at 14,000+ pages). Additionally, she's taught seminars, has been published on A List Apart, and contributed to and reviewed a chapter on which appears in Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Designing Large Scale Web Sites.

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