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Marlene Bruce

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User since: 14 Dec 1998

Articles written: 10

Why give? is an all-volunteer organization that relies on

the contributions of its members to operate and function. Thanks in part to the

generous commitment of the web community, provides renowned resources

and information without advertisements.

Here is a list of some of the services we provide:

  • The Browser Archive

    The largest browser archive available anywhere!
  • Articles

    Articles, tutorials and news items written by our members and available free

    to any visitor.
  • List Servs

    Numerous email lists to help disseminate knowledge to the web development

    community, and to help run
  • The Directory Project

    A searchable directory containing links covering web design and development.

The opportunities and services we provide are an increasing drain on's limited finances. Bandwidth costs are our biggest expenditure; we

currently transfer 250 GB/month, and that usage is growing. Hence, the

need to ask for your help.

Financial donations is currently able to take donations online using PayPal, or by

snail mail if you prefer. You can donate via PayPal in US dollars no matter what

your home currency.

Make an automated monthly donation

Suport every month using PayPal subscriptions.  (Please

note: Due to PayPal transaction fees, we only offer the monthly online donation option

in amounts of $10 US or more. If you'd like to give less, we appreciate your

funding and encourage you to use the next method.)

You can cancel your subscription at any time using your PayPal account. If

you don't have a PayPal account, it's fast and easy to sign up during the

registration process.

Make a one-time donation

We're sensitive to the fact that the exchange rate and cost of living is very

different in different countries. All gifts, of all sizes, are most welcome and

help provide its services. You can make a one-time donation online or

by snail mail in the amount of your choice:

We also have a snail mail address for those who prefer to send a check, money

order, or the like (please do not send cash):

Attn: Treasurer

214A Glenbrook Road

Bartonsville, PA 18321


Please make checks payable to Also, please include your

email or snail mail address, so we can send you a confirmation of receipt and

our thanks.

Evolt Merchandise

You can buy all manner of evolt-branded merchandise at the

CafePress Store,

including shirts, hats, bags and other fine goods.

Affiliate donations

By using the services of our affiliates, you make a donation to at

no additional cost to you. We will

be adding to this list as new partnerships are formed:


    From technical books to leisure reading, CDs to DVDs, your Amazon purchases

    can help fund everytime you start your shopping by clicking through

    from our site.
  • NetWorth Enterprises, Inc.

    For information on how NetWorth and are related, and more details

    about hosting features, please see

    Affiliate Hosting Program Benefits

If you'd like to become

an affiliate, or have an affiliate suggestion, please contact

Google Ads in the Browser Archive

We have begun running Google AdSense ads within the Browser Archive.

If you'd like, you can now advertise exclusively on! You can use this link to sign up for a Google AdWords account and target ads to

Placing an ad on benefits both you (if you're trying to reach a high-traffic, high-quality audience of web designers, developers, hobbyists and professionals) and too, because site-targeted ads generate more revenue for the care, feeding and hosting of

If you see any ads appear which are inappropriate, or which appear to interfere with your access to the Browser Archive, please let us know as soon as possible.

Technical donations

At the moment we really need browser mirrors hosted on sites which can do the following:

  • can host at least ~ 6 gigabytes of data
  • can bitshift at least ~ 50-100 gigabytes per month of traffic
  • can use rsync to cope with:

    • automatic incremental one-way at-most-daily synchronisation of the Archive
    • symbolic links within the Archive

If you can do that, let us know.

Knowledge donations

We welcome many types of contributions, and recognise that not all of them

will be tangible. We value the community members who donate their

time, skills, opinions and expertise to our various list servers, articles, and

administration and management demands. While's financial needs are

great, there is no evolt without those contributions.


If you have questions, please contact Regardless of what or how much you

choose to contribute to, it is sincerely appreciated.

A founder of, Marlene (say "Mar-lay-nuh") currently lives in Virginia and is a web and print designer, massage therapist, photographer, artist, burner (person who attends Burning Man), dancer, activist and yogini. In years past Marlene served as's executive director and treasurer, though she's not much involved these days. But she still encourages visitors to give to

Marlene began exploring computer-generated graphics with a purchase of the first Mac 128K in 1984. She's subsequently been involved in print design, illustration, and since 1995, professional web design and development. Her other skills are information architecture, usability testing and site management (the largest at 14,000+ pages). Additionally, she's taught seminars, has been published on A List Apart, and contributed to and reviewed a chapter on which appears in Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Designing Large Scale Web Sites.

Check out her portfolio at

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