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What Are The Cubes

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Jeff Howden

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User since: 14 Dec 1998

Articles written: 21

The Cubes which appear next to a name are used to specify how many articles that member has written. The more contributions a member makes, the more cubes they get! The breakdown is presented below:

No. of Articles
The Cubes
None yet.rating1.gif
1 to 5rating2.gif
6 to 10rating3.gif
11 to 15rating4.gif
16 to 20rating5.gif
21 to 30rating6.gif
31 to 45rating7.gif
46 to 65rating8.gif
66 to 100rating9.gif
101 to 150rating10.gif
151 to 200rating11.gif
200 +rating12.gif

Jeff Howden (.jeff) is a web developer working for Vos & Howden, LLC in Portland, Oregon where he's partnered with long-time colleague, Anthony Vos. His skills include ColdFusion, JavaScript, CSS, XML, relational databases, and much, much more. His biggest professional accomplishments include, but are not limited to:

  • building a ColdFusion-based e-commerce solution for Mt. Bachelor that transacted over $1.62 million dollars in September 2001 with 0 (yes, that's zero) ColdFusion errors and then an almost completely rebuilt version transacted $2.86 million dollars in September 2002.
  • being asked to be a Technical Editor for the ColdFusion MX book, Inside ColdFusion MX from New Rider's Publishing company.
  • being asked by BrainBench to perform quality control on their JavaScript 1.5 certification test after receiving the highest beta test score out of 200 testees.
  • managing the server that hosts and withstanding a slashdotting that brought over 1,000,000 hits to the site, over 10 gigs of data transfer, and an average in excess of 2300 unique visitor sessions per hour, all within a 24-hour period and the server never hiccuping once.

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