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How To Write A Job Opportunity 2001

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Amanda Erickson

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Your job posting should relate to a specific position now hiring in the field of web and technology.

To be effective you may want to include the following basics:

  • Job title
  • Brief job description
  • Experience required
  • Job location
  • Company name
  • Contact person
  • Phone number with area code or international dialing code
  • Email address and a postal address or fax number
  • Instructions for résumés

Feel free to link to the company that is offering the job so that the job seeker can do their own research.

Job seekers should be able to directly apply for the job and should not be sent to résumés -posting sites, consulting firms, temp agencies, staffing firms, etc.

It is in your best interest to use proper grammar and punctuation and to be as clear and direct as possible. reserves the right to deny job postings that appear vague, misleading or fraudulent.

Amanda Erickson has been building web sites since '95. She has worked for several agencies, most recently as an Art Director at a now-defunct, behemoth.

Over the past year, she has revived her freelance business doing front-end graphic design, logo design, flash animation and print work. Someday she hopes to build things with her hands -- very cool things.

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