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Coldfusion 5 0 Released

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Raymond Camden

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ColdFusion 5.0 has been released by Macromedia. Some of the new features include:

  1. User defined functions

  2. Charting (simple, but nice)

  3. CFDUMP, the coder's best friend. This used to be in Spectra only, but now it's in the server proper. Not one day goes by where I don't use this tag.

  4. Query of Queries

  5. Flushed output

  6. Server reporting enhancements

  7. Server archiving. This is a really cool feature where you can backup both code and server settings into a simple file that can be deployed to new machines. This makes working in a cluster much easier.

  8. Server probes. A cool way to check the health of your system and perform actions when things go to heck.

There is a lot more, so I suggest you check for more information.

In general, this is a cool release both on the code side, as well as the management side. In fact, I think it's a much bigger release for how it aids and supports the management of web apps.

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