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Working With Filter Rules In Outlook

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Ron White

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To automatically separate Email into folders using

the Rules Wizard found in Microsoft Outlook,

go to the Tools Menu and select the Rules Wizard

option from the drop down menu.


Select Rules Wizard

The Rules Wizard Screen will popup (see below), this shows rules that are already made and the buttons to make New rules, Modify existing rules, Copy rules, Rename Rules and Delete Rules. To make a new rule, click on New.

Rules Wizard Start

Select the type of rule desired, 'Check messages when they arrive' is the default and the usual selection (see below), make sure it is highlighted and click Next.

Rule Types

Select the conditions for the rule, this will determine which Emails are filtered by this rule. The most common condition is 'From People or Distribution List'. Check the box next to this one and click on the underlined people and distribution lists in the lower window.

Conditions - 1

The address book will open (see below), select the person(s) whose Email will be filtered with this rule and click OK.

Address book

After the address book closes, the screen will look like the one below, click Next.

Conditions - 2

To move the message to a folder, check the box next to move it to a specified folder (See below). Click on specified in the lower window.

What to do with message - 1

The folders window will open. If the folder already exists, find it and select it. If it doesn't, then click on New.

Folders window

The Create New Folder window will open, type the name of the folder in the first box. Make sure Inbox is highlighted in the lower window and click Ok.

Create New Folder Window

After the folders window closes, the screen will look like the one below, click Next.

What to do with message - 2

If there are any exceptions to the rule, check them. (See below)


Name the rule, the default is usually fine, make sure both boxes are checked and click Finish.

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