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Monkeyjunkies List To Shut Down

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Oliver Lineham

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User since: 03 May 1999

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Webmonkey has announced its intention to discontinue the popular Monkeyjunkies email discussion list from Monday 20th March.

The discussion list, a forum for designers and developers of all skill levels to exchange ideas in web design, has been a long running feature of Webmonkey. Over its lifetime, the Monkeyjunkies list has served as an invaluable tool for learning web development skills.

In a posting to the list, Webmonkey employee Jay Greenspan said that this list has meant a great deal to the Monkeys, and suggested alternative email forums including's thelist.

The announcement has resulted in a flurry of messages—some disbelieving, others trying to determine just what had gone wrong, while others expressing their bewilderment. One member wrote: I'm feeling a little bit lost. What now? I've been here off and on for about 2 years.

Greenspan, who has been responsible for the Monkeyjunkies list, explained that after almost two great years, [I] have decided to leave Lycos. At the present time there's no choice but to cut down on items that need to be looked after. Wired Digital (who operate Webmonkey) was acquired last year by Lycos. Wired Digital also operates other sites including Wired News and Animation Express.

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