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Accessibility And Adobe Seminar In London

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Julie Howell

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Using Adobe products to create accessible

web content

Details of a forthcoming event sponsored by the Royal National Institute for

the Blind.


Friday 19 October, 3pm-5pm


Theatre, International Students House, 229 Great Portland Street,

London W1, UK. [Link to Map]

Nearest tube:

Gt Portland St, Regent's Park.

Who should attend:

  • policy and purchase decision makers from companies and organisations that provide web-based services to the public;
  • representatives from web design agencies;
    • web designers;
    • web project managers;

  • equal opportunity officers;
  • internet users;
  • anyone interested in knowing what Adobe is doing to make its products fully accessible to people with disabilities.

There can be few web designers who have no knowledge of Adobe's web

authoring products, from Acrobat, to Go Live to Photoshop, and

many more. Many of Adobe's customers are concerned with creating web sites

that are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. In his

presentation, Joe Combs of Adobe will reveal the steps the company is taking

to ensure that Adobe products help web designers to create web content that

everyone can read.

Note that this event also provides excellent networking opportunities for

anyone interested in the field of accessible web design. The atmosphere is

informal and relaxed, and conducted in a manner befitting a Friday

afternoon. Be sure to bring business cards with you.

Key speaker:

Joe Combs, Application Engineer, ePaper Solutions, Adobe

Joe is responsible for providing pre-sales technical support and assistance

for Adobe customers through the evaluation of client needs. He devotes much

of his time assessing feasibility and managing projects effectively,

influencing the sales achievement and customers' technical strategy.

Session introduced by:

Julie Howell, Campaigns Officer (Internet), RNIB

Julie is the officer responsible for RNIB's Campaign for Good Web Design,

that promotes the creation of web sites and online services that include

people with disabilities. She is author of the RNIB report 'Get the message

online: making internet shopping accessible to blind and partially sighted

', helped the UK Government draft their own web design guidelines and

worked with, to make its service accessible to disabled customers.

Cost: UK£15.00 + VAT [£17.63 total at current rate of VAT - Ed]. Registration prior to the event is essential. If you

wish to attend please send an email to containing:

  • your name
  • your company's name
  • your postal address
  • your email address

Please let us know if you have any reading or access requirements so that we

can ensure that you get the most from this event.

This event forms part of a programme of RNIB Campaign for Good Web Design

Supporters Network events. The events take place in London bi-monthly. For

more information contact Julie Howell.

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