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Svg Becomes Official W3 Recommendation

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As of September 5 2001, the World Wide Web Consortium has made an official recommendation of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). A press release on the W3 site endorses the format as stable and interoperable, and hope to see it widely adopted.

The SVG Working Group largely responsible for research contributions includes most of the big-name software companies including Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft, Opera, and AOL/Netscape.

Isaac is a designer from Adelaide, South Australia, where he has run Triplezero for almost a decade.

He was a member and administrator of since its founding in 1998, designed the current site, and was a regular contributor on's direction-setting discussion list, theforum.

On the side, he runs Opinion, Hoops SA, Confessions, Daily Male, and Comments, as well as maintaining a travel gallery at

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