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Sql And Database Resources On The Web

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many web developers are now faced with the daunting task

of learning sql and interfacing a web page with a

relational database

yes, you could order some treeware from,

but while you're waiting for the shipment to arrive,

have a look at these sql and database resources on the web

the comments are mine, as is the rating system:

excellent *****

good ****

fair ***

sites with fewer than three stars are not listed here


target="_new">Introduction to Structured Query Language


Jim Hoffman

from basic concepts to foreign keys, aggregates,

outer joins, subselects and more, everything you need is here

links to additional web resources are in item 6 of the

target="_new">Common SQL Questions & Advanced Topics section, and also

in the

target="_new">Important Computing & SQL/Database Links section

target="_new">SQL : Tips and Tutorials


Database Central

all the major sql tutorial sites are listed in this section,

which is only a small portion of

target="_new">Database Central, a humungous (4000+) collection of

database links and resources



Intelligent Enterprise

these are Joe Celko's latest columns;

earlier columns are in the

target="_new">DBMS Magazine archives

target="_new">The Datawarehousing Information Center


Larry Greenfield

data warehousing, OLAP, data mining,

database vendors... see the introductory

page called

target="_new">Getting Started with Data Warehousing

target="_new">SQL Interpreter and Tutorial


with live practice database

what a great concept for the sql beginner --

as you learn, you can try out

some basic sql sentences right there on the site

target="_new">Database Normalization

by Ian Gilfillan

well-written tutorial on why normalization is important --

good explanation of primary and foreign keys

target="_new">Introduction to Databases for the Web


Selena Sol

comprehensive, intro level, programming-oriented

tutorial (although somewhat disorganized, and with

many fifty-cent words which won't mean much if you're not

already familiar with database systems) -- includes chapters

on Perl CGI and JDBC

target="_new">Ask the SQL Server Pro

*****'s DevX

intermediate to advanced level,

with loads of good tips, many of which

can be applied in databases other than sql/server

target="_new">Database Management Systems

by Philip Greenspun

this is chapter 12 of an online book --

not exactly intro level,

not really a how-to,

yet it's a delightful read and it

covers database administration concepts

like indexing and backups

(which you'll need if you're building

the database yourself)

My involvement with goes back to 1998, as one of the original founders. I'm an SQL consultant who dabbled in web development for several years, in the "golden age" between HTML 2 and XHTML 1.1. My web sites are and I live in Toronto, Canada, and you are all cordially invited to come and visit and play a round of frisbee golf with me.

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