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Get A Job Uk Style

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peter van dijck

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Tips on getting a webdesign job:

Let�s imagine you have been learning HTML and stuff for the past year or so, and now you�re ready for your first real job.

Since you want to live in Europe you head for the place to be: London. You are allowed to work there, of course.

  1. Wear comfortable footwear.

  2. Make a nice resume (cv) in Word format.

  3. Have a few url�s for people to look at

  4. Now submit your cv (after a last spellcheck) to a few jobsites. You can subscribe to them and have daily joblistings sent to you as well. A good one to start is:

Now what�s gonna happen is that lots of agencies are gonna look at your cv. They get warned automatically if a cv that has certain keywords in it is put on. Within a week, you�ll see your cv has been looked at hundreds of times.

Those daily job-emails you�re getting (remember?) should have one or two in them each day that are suitable for you, even if you�re a beginner. Apply for them (properly).

All this is meant for the agencies to get to know you. When a job comes up, you want to be on top of their heads.

Also, by now, you should physically be in London. And get a mobile phone (yes they�re evil, but you NEED to be contactable immediately).

Agents wills start calling you. The good ones ask before sending your cv to an employer, the bad ones just arrange the interview without knowing for sure it�s a match, wasting your time and upsetting the employers. The jobs you�ve applied for yourself will start contacting you as well for interviews.

So now you�re on a roll. Running around town, this is where the footwear comes in (I knew you were wondering about that).

Finally, a few remarks:

Agencies get paid very well if you get the job. Therefore, if you�re looking for an internship, don�t use them (too expensive for the employer).

Show enthusiasm in the interview. Literally tell them you really want to work with them. They like that.

Don�t be afraid to ask questions in the interviews.

That�s all, have fun, and good luck!

Peter Van Dijck is an Information Architect with an interest in localization, accessibility, content management systems and metadata.
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