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Icab Inches Forward With Preview

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The German browser developers responsible for the tiny Mac browser, iCab, have posted a preview of version 2.0. This preview fixes a few bugs, and adds bookmark features allowing you to import and export from Internet Explorer and Netscape. It also adds a feature similar to that of GetRight - handling downloads and enabling users to resume downloads which have been aborted by a lost connection.

JavaScript support has been extended, but is incomplete. However, the developers promise that the final release will have full JavaScript and CSS support.

You can download the 1.1MB preview for PPC, or 68K CPUs.

German and Japanese versions of the preview can also be downloaded.

Isaac is a designer from Adelaide, South Australia, where he has run Triplezero for almost a decade.

He was a member and administrator of since its founding in 1998, designed the current site, and was a regular contributor on's direction-setting discussion list, theforum.

On the side, he runs Opinion, Hoops SA, Confessions, Daily Male, and Comments, as well as maintaining a travel gallery at

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