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New Site Rates The Registrars

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With a new range of registrars available through which to register a domain, Web developers might be confused. Who offers the best price? Who offers the best contract to support domain owners? A domain name is incredibly important, and the contract you agree to when purchasing is often ignored.

A new Web site, alerts consumers to contract wording from registrars that could lead to future difficulties. They also provide a ranking system, judging registrars on price, legal issues, and overall.

Network Solutions who, up until recently, was the sole source for domain registration, comes in nearly last in the overall rankings, rating with one star out of five. DomainNameBuyersGuide provides extra information in the form of consumer alerts and with Network Solutions, alerts users to some dodgy contract wording.

Their top pick and suggestion for who you should be using to register your domains is, interestingly enough, an Australian company - Melbourne IT with four out of five stars. Melbourne IT, who recently floated on the ASX, is the generally well-respected, long-time registration point for domains, and receives a perfect five-stars for their legal ranking.

Who do you use to register your domains? Have you ever encountered legal problems? Please comment on this article below.


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