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The Evolt Org Monthly Recap

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The community is happy to announce what will become a regular news feature on the site, for all members.

Many of you are aware of the antics your fellow evolters are involved in, and we'd like to report it. Think of it as a monthly recap of awards, meetings, and fresh opportunities relevant to all of you.

We think this will encourage more of what much of this community is about -- sharing trials and tribulations, and making friends all over the planet who work in or around the Web.

To give you an idea of what we hope to report, here are two actual examples which should make it into the first edition.

Firstly, from Burhan Khalid who reports on his participation in the AITP Region 3 Conference Programming Contest. He entered the Website Design and C++ competitions, and won! Secondly, from Olly Hodgson who was proud to graduate (silly gown, stupid hat, happy mother) with a BSc in Multimedia and Information Technology just recently. Congrats to both Burhan and Olly.

So, a very rough list of things we'd love to hear about include:

  • winning an award
  • being mentioned on the news or another site (especially if it's an article getting mentioned)
  • getting married (especially to another evolter ;))
  • finding a job (again, especially through!)
  • getting your site online
  • having a baby
  • getting a pet (and soliciting naming ideas on thechat)
  • finishing an epic project
  • starting a side project
  • winning your first tender
  • completing higher education
  • getting a site to validate
  • etc

Obviously, we may need to do a little light pruning to get the best balance of items and keep it snappy, so submitted items from month to month may be of varying relevance to others depending on the number of opportunities. The important thing, though, is that you can share more about yourself, and learn more about the people you chat with, and read content by every day.

If you're proud of it, send it in and we'll try to find it space. Don't be shy, but keep in mind that at some stage someone has to pick and choose from submissions so there's no guarantee your plug will get a mention.

Please send all submissions via the contact form. Any queries/clarifications can be sent via the same method.


Isaac is a designer from Adelaide, South Australia, where he has run Triplezero for almost a decade.

He was a member and administrator of since its founding in 1998, designed the current site, and was a regular contributor on's direction-setting discussion list, theforum.

On the side, he runs Opinion, Hoops SA, Confessions, Daily Male, and Comments, as well as maintaining a travel gallery at

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