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Community News December 2001

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Martin Burns

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User since: 26 Apr 1999

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The monthly community recap is a recap of awards, meetings, and fresh opportunities relevant to all of us. Submitted items from month to month may be of varying relevance to others depending on the number of opportunities. The important thing, though, is that you can share more about yourself, and learn more about the people you chat with, and read content by every day. More information to be found at the The Monthly Recap an introduction article, about this new feature.

If you're proud of it, send it in. Don't be shy. Please send all submissions via the contact form. Any queries/clarifications can be sent via the same method.

And now, to our scheduled programming ...

Family events

An exciting birthday for us all on the 14th - turned three. Awwwww!

Newly Launched

MartinB has spent the last few months in the saltmines of understanding what his client's products are all about. It was a tough job, but the result is

Morbus proudly announced that O'Reilly released the

first part of his primer for Apache and OS X on 10th December. It's geared toward OS X users, but the information concerning Apache is applicable to any Apache installation. Part 2's definitely worth a look, too.

Corporate fun!

Our friendly neighborhood aardvark has just successfully completed his first corporate merger.

Martin Burns has been doing this stuff since Netscape 1.0 days. Starting with the communication ends that online media support, he moved back through design, HTML and server-side code. Then he got into running the whole show. These days he's working for these people as a Project Manager, and still thinks (nearly 6 years on) it's a hell of a lot better than working for a dot-com. In his Copious Free Time™, he helps out running a Cloth Nappies online store.

Amongst his favourite things is ZopeDrupal, which he uses to run his personal site. He's starting to (re)gain a sneaking regard for ECMAscript since the arrival of unobtrusive scripting.

He's been a member of since the very early days, a board member, a president, a writer and even contributed a modest amount of template code for the current site. Above all, he likes to do things because it knowingly chooses to do so, rather than randomly stumbling into them. He's also one of the boys and girls who beervolts in the UK, although the arrival of small children in his life have knocked the frequency for 6.

Most likely to ask: Why would a client pay you to do that?

Least likely to ask: Why isn't that navigation frame in Flash?

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