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Quebecor Nurun Buys Msm

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Javier Velasco

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This morning there was a press conference here at MSM Interactive, Chile's largest new media company.......

The official press release:


First step in Latin American development strategy

SANTIAGO, CHILE, May 19, 2000

In the presence of the Prime Minister of Quebec. Mr. Lucien Bouchard, in Santiago as part of

Quebec Mission, nurun Inc., a subsidiary of the Quebecor Inc. group and formerly known as

Informission Group Inc., and the Antartica Group announced the first acquisition resulting from

their recent strategic partnership. nurun has entered into an agreement together with

Antartica Group to acquire a controlling interest in MSM Interactive S.A., an e-commerce and

Web integration company based in Santiago, Chile.

MSM Interactive ( comprises a team of 40 designers, programmers and marketing

experts specializing in Web-related solutions. The company's services span Web site design

and development, e-commerce, including Market Place solutions, Web-based training and

wireless Internet. Current clients include BellSouth Chile, Concha Y Toro, Ericsson, Sheraton

San Cristobal, Citibank and Banco Sud Americano. MSM Interactive is known as one of the

largest independent new media agencies in Chile.

"We are very excited about having a leader like MSM Interactive to spearhead our Latin

American expansion," said Jacques Malo, President and CEO of nurun Inc. "They are a dynamic

organization that is on top of the latest Web trends and solutions. They have the elements of

a winning Web integrator and are a perfect fit with nurun's focus on the seamless convergence

of strategy, marketing, design and technology."

"Having access to nurun's expertise and international network as well as Antartica's network of

clients and management resources will put some real air under our wings," said Gonzalo Alonso,

Co-founder and General Manager of MSM Interactive. "We'll now be part of a team that

stretches across the Americas and Europe. "

"E-Commerce and multimedia products are growing at a dramatic pace, offering to Quebec

based companies business opportunities in their home market as well as in the global market

place, " declared the Prime Minister of Quebec.

The transaction is subject to completing legal purchase documents including obtaining required

approval from regulatory authorities.

nurun Inc. (Formerly Informission Group Inc. ; TSE: IFN), a subsidiary of the Quebecor Inc.

group, is an information technology company providing e-commerce, Web integration and

automated publishing solutions for corporate and public sector clients in North America, Europe

and select locations around the world. nurun employs more than 1000 professionals in its

various offices in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, Seattle, New York, Boston, Chicago and


Founded in Santiago in 1998, MSM Interactive ( is a 2nd generation Web

Integrator that services its clients with horizontal and vertical solutions for those enterprises

that are participating in the new digital economy of e-business, field in which has received

national and foreign recognition, establishing important joint ventures.v

mantruc is an oldtime evolter from Chile.

his thing is communication, what he most likes about the internet is how it allows people to communicate at many levels, and he thinks that is the best proof of that.

he has worked in web development since 1997 as designer, developer and information architect.

his expression is photogtaphy.

Javier is currently working as an associate researcher for the Center for Web Research, part of the Department of Computer Science at Universidad de Chile.

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