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Review Of Phptriad For Windows

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Steve Cook

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PHP Triad is an installer for Windows versions of PHP, Apache, MySQL, Perl and PHPMyAdmin. Phew! I guess the Triad name has been a little outgrown, but we can overlook that!

I tried out the installation on a P4 1.8 Ghz running Win2000 Professional with no other webserver installed. The installation was performed with PHPTriad 2.11.

After downloading I ran the install script, read the quick text that explains a couple of points about the installation and proceeded. 1 minute later I went to the Start menu and under PHPTriad chose "Start Apache" followed by "Start MySQL", opened my browser and went to to find a working webserver, with links to a quick PHPInfo script and PHPMyAdmin.

The basic install sets up the following:

  • PHP - 4.0.5
  • MySQL - 3.23.32
  • Apache - 1.3.14
  • PHPMyAdmin - 2.1.0
  • Perl - nsPerl 5.005_03

There is a separate download at present to upgrade PHP to 4.1, this is apparently an interim arrangement until the next full version is ready.

After installation, I followed the link to PHPMyAdmin and got back an error:

"Warning: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) in C:\apache\htdocs\phpmyadmin\ on line 255"

A quick scout in the FAQ section of the PHPGeek site showed that I needed to run "winmysqladmin.exe" from "c:\apache\mysql\bin" and choose a username and password to add a user account to the database first. With that done, phpMyAdmin worked with no problems, though you'll also find that you can do a bunch of admin tasks through winmysqladmin.exe as well.

I have earlier tried the EasyPHP installer, which also worked, but was written in French making it harder for English speakers to work out any problems that might occur. PHPTriad worked very well for me, setting up a basic webserver, database and development tools environment with no sweat broken at all. Of course all the programs are installed with the most basic settings, so you'll still need to work your way through configuring the various programs for your exact requirements. One major point to notice is that none of the Perl or PHP code libraries are installed.

If you are simply looking to get a PHP, Apache, MySQL installation up and running, I would definitely recommend PHPTriad



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