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Adobe To Sue Appleinsider

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For those of you who have heard about Adobe Photoshop 6, you may have heard about the sneak preview of it and ImageReady 3 that AppleInsider posted on May 30. If you go back to that page now, the link to the article has been replaced with the text, "Links Removed by the Demand of Adobe Legal."

However, this doesn't quite cover it all. It seems Adobe went beyond just threatening them and telling them to remove the link. Adobe is suing Mac News Network (MacNN, the parent) for much money (maybe in the tens of millions) because they feel customers will now not purchase Photoshop 5.5 if people know 6.0 is in the pipe.

Photoshop may have a case simply because the software is legally confidential and AppleInsider's posting of any information on it is in violation of the California Civil Code.

You will also notice on the AppleInsider page a link to a preview of Word 2001 for Mac that has been replaced with, "Article Remove [sic] 9PM EST By the Demand of Microsoft Corp, Inc."

There is a much more detailed article at The Register, "Adobe lashes out at Mac rumour site."

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