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Javascript Dhtml Hierarchical Menus Some Options

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Shashank Tripathi

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Now that the Webreference

Hierarchical menus
have gone commercial, it is time for some of us to consider

good alternatives for developing those DHTML drop-down menus.

In this quick

posting (hesitate to dignify this as an "article"), I will share some

options from my stash, with some relevant preliminary comments. This is not supposed to

be TheGreatComparisonOfMenuScripts or a comprehensive rehash of search results from

Google... it is just a listing of possible options that I have accumulated on

my local drive. Hope this is useful.

Before we begin, I have tested these menu scripts with the following browsers

using a Windows XP build 2600 and a Windows 2000 box —

  • IE 4x - 6x
  • Netscape 4.77
  • Netscape 6.2
  • Mozilla 0.9.8 (Mozilla/5.0; Gecko/20020204)
  • Opera 6.01 Build 1014

Ok, here's the list:

Name Sample Browsers it works with Remarks
Milonic Get code All tested. This one is perhaps the simplest to start coding with, appears the same in all browsers, and has a cool fading effect. Should be seen.


Get code Claims to work with all, but does not even show up in Opera. I discarded this particular one because it does not work in Opera 6. They

have a whole

category of menus



Get code All tested. He has a bunch of examples out too. May I draw your attention to a menu

with a valid XHTML DTD
. (His advanced examples are a little quirky with

NN4 and Opera though). Get code Acts unstably in Opera and goes absolutely kaput in NN 4.77. Greatly done script (and DOM

, which you must see if you are a JS coder) but I would like to

have had Netscape 4.77 support. If you don't care about old Netscapes, this

is one of the best there is.


(Tutorial to make menus with their Macromedia

Dreamweaver Extensions)

Get code All tested. They offer some cool

to Dreamweaver. Note, however, that you can use this only if

you use DW, and you have Macromedia

Extensions Manager
WebFX "XMenu" Get code Doesn't work in Netscape. Any Netscape. The website is honest

enough to claim so.
Flash Get code All tested. Er...and the problem is? ;-)

That's it. Would love to hear other options, and how these above suggestions

fare on Mac and Unix machines.



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