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Aol Faces Pop Up Lawsuit

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"You've got trouble!" CNN href="" title="Florida judge approves class-action lawsuit against America Online" target="_new">reports that a Florida judge has approved a class-action lawsuit against AOL by users upset that pop-up advertisements are wasting time that they're paying for.

Miami attorney Andrew Tramont says that while AOL has recently implemented a limited method by which the pop-ups can be disabled, from 1994 to 1999, users had no choice but to endure them. And these pop-ups, from which AOL received vast amounts of money from advertisers, wasted paid-time - forcing users to locate a "no thanks" button, or read the advertisement before cancelling it. Every second they took reading ads is being charged to them.

Tramont suggests that he'll be seeking $15-20 million in damages, and hopes that he can bring about changes in AOL's business practices.

Now, if only there was some way to try the same thing on everyone else using pop-up ads...

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